ultra modern shipping container home

Exploring Modern Prefab Homes

Modern prefab homes are making cutting edge design and beautiful, sustainable  living accessible to more and more homebuyers. The “prefab” in a prefab home means the home’s shell is constructed (fabricated) off-site and shipped to the home’s final location. The term prefab encompasses both panel homes and modular home. Panel homes involve shipping and placing prefabricated walls once the homes floors have been laid. Modular homes consist of several modular sections based on standardized designs. Once on location, the individual modular pieces of the home are joined together to allow for a more customized final product.

Looking for a modern home design in Atlanta? These examples may just make you a prefab convert.

Homeowners are increasingly eschewing the idea of McMansions and opting instead for carefully planned and elegantly efficient spaces that provide more intimacy. Case in point, these next three modern prefab homes are all at or under 1,100 square feet and prove great things really do come in small packages.

  • A trademark feature of prefab homes is creative ways to incorporate outdoor living. This New Zealand beach house’s 1000 sq ft of indoor living space is complemented by another 270 sq ft of decking.

Modern beach modular home

Via Dwell

  • This eye-catching 1000 square foot home was assembled in only 10 days. Its metal and wood exterior offer a welcome respite from the surrounding brick and concrete structures in the neighborhood.

modern prefab home

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  • 15 ft ceilings and floor to ceiling windows overlooking a garden  make this 861 sq ft home feel spacious.

tiny modern prefab home

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One really unique trend among prefab home builders is the re-use of shipping containers for home structures.

  • This 3-story home is comprised of 11 different shipping containers and offers amazing views of the Delaware River

three story shipping container home

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  • Shipping containers were stacked and arranged to create a central courtyard, complete with its own cedar tree for this artist’s home and gallery space. When parts of the tree had to be trimmed, the extra wood was used to create custom stair cases for the home.

ultra modern shipping container home

modern shipping container stairway

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  • This beautiful rust-red shipping container home pays homage to the old South Pacific Coast Railroad line that lies close by. But, as the owner notes, this is a beautiful space for her family first and a shipping container home second.

red shipping container home

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  • This budget-friendly shipping container home in Costa Rica features a unique slanted roofline that negates the need for air conditioning.

modern shipping container home with skylight

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Kit homes are prefab homes offered in an all-you-need packaged purchase. Once a design is purchases, the owner will receive all the pieces for their home already measured, cut, and numbered.

Stillwater Dwelling kit home

Via Stillwater Dwellings

  • Shelter Kit produces kit homes specifically designed for owners with no previous building experience.

Shelter Kit kit home

Via Shelter Kit

  • kitHAUS designs distinctly modernist kit homes and delivers on site without heavy equipment – thanks to a patented lightweight construction.

Kithaus kit home

Via kitHAUS

Can’t get enough modern design ideas? Modern prefab home galleries can keep you entertained for hours. And, Method Homes, Blu Homes, and Hive Modular are some of the modern prefab home vendors making the coolest designs available today.  

BoldForm Designs offers modern design services for Atlanta area home and business owners. Follow us on Houzz and check out the blog for even more modern design ideas.

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