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Fantastic Modern Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures are probably one of the more underutilized design tool. Modern lighting fixtures are a fun and interesting way to add personality into any room. They range from handmade glass orbs to simple small wall lights done in a whimsical pattern. And, the versatile nature of modern lighting means it can be a true investment piece for your space or an affordable way to update a room’s look.

When it comes to choosing the right lighting fixtures for your modern Atlanta home design, sometimes less is more.

  • A simple row of teardrop bulbs look lovely over this master bath’s soaking tub.
  • This is a fun, modern twist on candlelight – making what’s old new again.
  • The oversized glo-ball table lamp has a dimmer that makes it perfect for creating mood lighting.
  • These lighting fixtures from Original TBC play up texture and create a clean, fresh effect.

modern white pendent lights

Via Original TBC

modern textured pendent lights

Via Original TBC

Geometric, angular lighting fixtures add the perfect amount of edge to a room’s style.

  • Light In Art’s handmade, glass chandeliers are all one of a kind and each uniquely dazzling.
  • A square cluster chandelier mixes white and amber lighting.

glass cube lights

Via Light In Art

  • A more linear cluster chandelier emphasizes the high ceilings in this modern home.
suburban luxury
  • This minimalist, angular chandelier proves you don’t need opulence to be chic.

super modern sleek chandelier

Via Design Within Reach

  • By contrast,  a chunky wood floor lamp looks equally at home in a retro living room as it would in a contemporary room.

mid century modern geometric wooden floor lamp

Via Jonathan Adler

  • Mixing various shapes together adds a playful touch to this otherwise stark black and white kitchen.

Modern light fixtures look stunning in softer, more organic shapes as well.

  • This chandelier looks equally modern and industrial. It’s random angles create a sense of fun.
Esquire 2010
  • The Anemone ceiling light, with its eye-catching curves and shine,  is modern glamour at its best. 

modern anemone light

Via Jonathan Adler

  • One of the best features of modern design is that it shows interior design doesn’t have to feel so serious. The sketch pendent is a great example of design that makes you smile.

modern sketch light

Via Work and Design

Speaking of smiling, modern lighting fixtures are a great way to add a whimsical and imaginative twist to your home.

  • The aptly named Bibliotheque Nationale floor lamp turns a reading corner into its own mini-library.
  • The Skygarden pendant turns expectations on their head. The beautiful floral relief is done on the interior of the shade.
  • This modern ceiling light creates a dramatic sense of movement.
Block Island House
  • Modern lighting fixtures don’t have to be elaborate. These simple wall lights create a playful effect.

modern wall lights

Via Studio 903

Downtown Apartment

Bold, bright colors allow lighting fixtures to brighten up a space in more way than one.

  • Choosing modern pendants in multiple colors makes these otherwise serious spaces feel fun.
The Overlook
Hog Pen Creek Residence
  • By contrast, a beautiful modern glass light fixture adds a definite sense of style to this child’s room while still keeping a youthful air.
Happy Camper Boy
  • Bright red pendant lights in this bedroom double as art.
New England Style Home West Sussex

Whether you’re looking for expert advice on the perfect finishing fixtures for your home or seeking a modern Atlanta design firm to provide turn key service, BoldForm Designs is the solution you need. Browse our portfolio to find even more modern design inspiration and contact us when you’re ready to start your next design project.

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