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Modern Design Ideas to Bring the Outdoors In

Every year, the interior design and architectural industries introduce more and more design solutions that blur the boundary between indoor and outdoors. Modern and contemporary homes offer creative and beautiful ways to add flexibility to your living style by inviting the outdoors in. And by offering outdoor spaces that merge with the indoor spaces used most frequently, these designs add livable square footage by extending everyday living to your outdoor spaces.

This first tip looks like magic, but vanishing walls are really a product of increasingly innovative window and door designs that provide flexible living

  • An entire corner wall of sliding glass doors extends this living room when the weather is welcoming.
GRIFFIN ENRIGHT ARCHITECTS: Mandeville Canyon Residence
  • The sliding doors in these kitchens provide a dreamy view while preparing meals and washing dishes

modern kitchen with wall of sliding doors

Via Dwell

modern white kitchen with sliding doors

Via Dwell

  • Pivoting windows are a great way to create a vanishing wall when there’s not enough space to encompass a full sliding wall of windows.

modern pivoting doors

Via Arch Daily

Retractable roofs let you feel the sun on your skin from any room in the house.

  • Dine by sun light or moon light with a retractable skylight.
Carmel Mid-Century LEED
  • A sliding rooflight lends a cheery ambiance to this otherwise dark, modern kitchen.
House in Highgate Cemetery

There’s no better, or more beautiful way, to literally bring the outdoors in than with an Indoor garden.

  • Lush greenery pops in what often is left as dead space below a floating staircase
Broadway Penthouse
  • A hanging garden above a succulent planter adds a delightful twist to an otherwise white hallway.
Davis Residence
  • A vertical garden can go in any room and adds a dramatic focal point.
Green Cube - LEED Platinum Showhome

Courtyards in the center of a house provide natural light and ventilation on all four sides. Indoor courtyards can either be purely aesthetic or can be used as outdoor entertaining spaces.

  • In tropical climates, such as India, homes are sometimes built around a central courtyard that’s left open on all sides.

home with central courtyard

Via Khosla Associates

  • The center courtyard of this mid century modern home shows how a courtyard adds tons of liveable space.
Mid-Century Modern Renovation
  • Floor to ceiling windows make this beautiful, open-aired courtyard visible from all four sides.
Belfast Residence
  • Of course, it doesn’t require an entire garden to make an impact.  A single tree in an atrium filled with natural light is a showpiece in this modern home.

modern home with atrium

Via Hufft

An open aired bathroom is a great way to create a space that feels like a luxury, spa getaway in your own home.

  • These outdoor showers create an exotic escape from the everyday.

master bath with tropical outdoor shower

Via Willman Interiors

Hawaii Residence
  • A fully outdoor bathroom is as dramatic as it is beautiful.
  • A functioning floor to ceiling window connects this soaking tub to an outdoor fountain.
Master Bathroom

There are beautiful and bold ways to welcome the warm Atlanta summers indoors. BoldForm Designs can design the perfect solution to modern indoor/outdoor living for your lifestyle. Let’s get started on your project today.

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