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Styling a Modern Coffee Table

At BoldForm Designs we love all things to do with modern Atlanta interior design. And as the anchor of a home’s gathering space, modern coffee tables are a key element in a living room’s design. While there are tons of gorgeous, modern coffee tables on the market, it can seem tricky to style them and not err on the side of being predictable or cluttered. Luckily there are lots of tips and tricks for styling a modern coffee table like a pro.

For an ultra modern or contemporary look, you can’t go wrong with keeping the coffee table bare.

  • To make the empty table look purposeful rather than forgotten, opt for a coffee table that features interesting lines and shapes – it becomes a piece of art itself.
suburban luxury
  • Cluster several smaller scale tables together to create a single coffee table area.
Contemporary livingroom
Hydeaway House

modern coffe table cluster

Via Dwell

modern geometric coffee tables

Via Modloft

  • Of course, real life often dictates that remotes, magazine, toys and a host of other things need a place to live. You can still have the clean aesthetic by choosing a modern coffee table design that provides storage.
Pebble Creek

modern coffee table with hidden storage

Via West Elm

A design tip for styling a modern coffee table that looks great but is simple to execute is to choose one design element – color, shape, or light – and make it a focal point.

  • Vases, flowers, or food can be used to add a pop of color to the coffee table. The effect works as well in a neutral space as it does a brightly colored room.
Suburban Luxury
Hughes/Brody Residence
  • Sculptural pieces are a way to add interest and beauty to an otherwise clean and bare modern coffee table.
West Village Townhouse
Pebble Creek
  • Candle light and tabletop fireplaces are a dramatic way to style a modern coffee table. They also offer beautiful ambiance for evening entertaining.
Ethanol Burner Insert Fireplaces

coffee table fireplace

Via Sharper Image


Via Home Design Ideas

This next design tip is so easy it will feel light you’re cheating. Adding flowers or greenery to a modern coffee table is a great way to add beauty and balance.

  • A pop of yellow wildflowers catches your eye and is a nod to the gorgeous views of this living room.

modern marble coffee table with flowers

Via Contemporist

  • The cluster of greenery and flowers on this coffee table lends balance to the larger room.
Portland Apartment
  • The white floral arrangement in this modern living room complements the dramatic ceiling height.
Stein Residence

Just because a room is modern or contemporary, that doesn’t mean you have to opt for minimalism. There are certainly ways to fill up your coffee table without making it cluttered.

  • Combine interesting, sculptural elements with fresh flowers. Add in a personal touch, such as coffee table book on your favorite passion.

modern styled coffee table

Via The Entertaining House

Central Parl West Residence
  • Invest in beautiful glassware and keep it on your coffee table. Not only does it nice, but you and your guests will  always have a fresh glass of water an arm’s length away.

white modern coffee table styled with glassware

Via Deoholic

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