About Us


The Studio

BoldForm Designs is an Atlanta-based studio which provides interior design services for residential, commercial, retail, and hospitality clients.

Our approach is versatile, our designs are simple and our results are elegant. We strive to provide the most cost-effective solution while meeting the vision of our clients to its fullest. Our goal is to maximize the functionality in every design with graceful and affordable aesthetics. We believe in “less is more”. Lighting, materials, and texture are some of few elements which enable us to intelligently create “more with less”. No budget is too small for us, no project is less important for us.

The Principal

Tanvi was born in the United States, grew up in India, and studied in Italy. Tanvi’s recurring intercontinental travel continually exposed her to multicultural, diverse experiences which enabled her to interpret, evaluate, and appreciate the creativity in design, importance of ergonomics, warmth within space, and elegance in lifestyle. Ranging from marketing to management and conceptualization to implementation, Tanvi possesses a collective professional experience of 15 years with a degree in Interior Design.

Before moving to Atlanta, Tanvi co-owned a design firm, Elan Designs International, in Los Angeles. During her time in Los Angeles, Tanvi lead a team of 6 designers, successfully completing more than 70 residential, commercial, retail, and hospitality projects in just a few years.

Prior to starting up her own firm in Los Angeles, Tanvi worked as a senior designer for 4 years at a well-established, renowned architecture and design firm, DGA, in India. She gathered a wealth of practical knowledge in interiors as well as architecture while working there.

Tanvi received her undergraduate degree in Interior Designs from A.P.I.E.D., Gujarat, India, and a Masters in Interior Designs from I.E.D., Milan, Italy.

If you’d like assistance with your next project, please contact us at (818) 462-3724 or by filling out our new client form

You can also email us at info@boldformdesigns.com