Flat Fee Design

Flat Fee service is great for clients who prefer to leave their projects to the experts. After evaluating the scope of the project, we can oversee the renovation from start to finish for an agreed upon flat fee. This crucial assistance allows home and business owners to achieve a seamless design with a controlled budget and timeline. Our team at Boldform Designs will organize as much or as little of the process as our client desires.

Whether it’s new construction or a remodel, this flat fee service provides our ultimate level of dedication that will consistently meet your quality, schedule, and cost objectives.

Below are the different phases of design for flat fee service


  • Determine client’s aesthetics and requirements through questionnaire and images.
  • Do a site analysis, measurement and generate documentation
  • Determine client’s budget
  • Programming

Space planning and Budgeting

  • Provide multiple space plan options based on the client’s requirements
  • Create detailed budget sheet for client to review
  • Space planning and Budgeting

Conceptual Design

  • Provide multiple conceptual designs based on the selected space plan, using our 3D modeling program
  • Present all design options to the client for review
  • Conceptual Design

Design Development & Finishes selections

  • Make revisions on conceptual designs as per client’s feedback
  • Finalize form and sign off on designs
  • Provide help in selection of various finishes and equipment including tiles, wall finishes, appliances and plumbing fixtures
  • Design Development & Finishes selections

Construction Drawings

  • Generate construction drawings based on final design and finishes selections
  • Set of construction drawings include:
  • Various construction details
  • Floor and Finish plans
  • Lighting and Electrical plans
  • Millwork details
  • Construction Drawings


  • Generate bid documents
  • Do a job walk with contractors
  • Provide help in reviewing and comparing all contractor bids
  • Bidding

Furniture and Accessories Selection

  • Prove multiple options of furniture and accessories based on space plan and final designs
  • Furniture and Accessories Selection

Purchasing and Expediting

  • Generate a purchase list of materials, furniture and accessories
  • Provide help with vendor co-ordination

Site Visits and project management

  • Check progress at various stages of construction
  • Solveunforeseen issues at site
  • Assure smooth and on-budget running of project
  • Site Visits and project management


  • Staging
  • Final walk through with client
  • Photoshoot
  • Completiont

Project Types

We are always excited to try new projects but our typical works include:

  • Residential renovations and custom home designs including interiors, landscape and exteriors
  • Corporate and Office interiors
  • Retail interiors and Branding
  • Multi family and tenant improvement

If you’d like assistance with your next project, please contact us at (818) 462-3724 or by filling out our new client form

You can also email us at info@boldformdesigns.com